The Research Station Hooded T-Shirt

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Let's just take a minute to appreciate how frikkin cool these hoodies are. You could wear this to the gym, get a wicked pump and then peel it off to reveal... your TRS t-shirt!

Our apparel is unisex, so ladies please think in terms of mens sizing.

All of our garments are made with a tri-blend fabric. The combination of smaller, smoother fibres creates a softness not found in cotton alone, whilst still allowing maximum moisture-wicking and breathability - keeping you cool and fresh. The blended fibres create a light but strong and durable fabric that resists wrinkles and tears while moving with your body in a comfy stretch.

Plus, and perhaps most importantly, it drapes well on the body - making you look good!


Order cut-off is Friday night, packages will be shipped the following Monday. We appreciate your patience!